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The Importance of Cleaning Solar Panels for Optimal Energy Efficiency in Leicester

As solar energy continues to rise in popularity, more households and businesses in Leicester and the Midlands are switching to solar power. It's no wonder solar panels offer a sustainable way to reduce electricity bills and lower carbon footprints. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked when maintaining solar panels is regular cleaning. At Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd, we understand cleanliness's critical role in ensuring your solar panels' efficiency and longevity.

Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd cleaning solar PV in Leicester

Why Cleaning Solar Panels Matters

Solar panels rely on sunlight to generate electricity. When dirt, dust, bird droppings, and other debris accumulate on the surface, they block sunlight from reaching the photovoltaic cells. This obstruction can significantly reduce the panels' efficiency, producing less energy. Keeping your solar panels clean is essential for optimal performance in a place like Leicester, where we experience a fair amount of rain and occasional dusty conditions.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

A clean solar panel can generate more power, which translates to greater energy efficiency. According to various studies, dirty solar panels can lose between 15-25% of their energy output. This loss can add up over time for a household or business in Leicester, leading to higher energy costs. Ensuring your solar panels are clean maximises their efficiency, reduces your reliance on the grid, and saves money on your electricity bills.

The Role of Professional Cleaning

While it might be tempting to clean your solar panels yourself, it’s a task best left to professionals like those at Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd. Our team is trained to handle the delicate nature of solar panels. We use the right tools and techniques to clean your panels without causing any damage. Plus, regular professional maintenance can help identify potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring your solar investment lasts longer.

Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd cleaning solar PV in Leicester

Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd: Your Solar PC Experts

At Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd, we specialise in installing, maintaining, and cleaning solar panels across Leicester and the Midlands. Our expertise in Solar PC (Photovoltaic Cleaning) ensures that your panels are always operating at their best. We understand the local climate and its specific challenges, and we tailor our services to meet these needs effectively.

Partnering with Bright Electricals for a Brighter Future

Choosing Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd for solar panel maintenance means partnering with a company committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service that helps you maximise your solar investment. We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your panels are spotless and functioning at their peak.


Maintaining clean solar panels is not just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring maximum energy efficiency and cost savings. For residents and businesses in Leicester and the Midlands, Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd offers the expertise and professional service needed to keep your solar panels in top condition. Don’t let dirt and grime reduce your solar energy output—contact Bright Electricals today and see the difference clean panels can make.

Visit our website or give us a call for more information on our solar panel cleaning services or to schedule a maintenance check. Let's work together towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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Bright Electrical Engineering Ltd - Your trusted partner in solar panel efficiency in Leicester and the Midlands.

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Bright Electricals recently completed a total rewire of our refeb, three-story, house, a big job that needed careful planning. We can thoroughly recommend Bright Electricals in every way.

I was pleasantly surprised at both how professional they were and at how competitively priced they are for the exceptional work they carried out.

We have used Bright Electricals numerous times now for all our electrical inspections on our commercial premises and have always found their electricians to be professional and knowledgeable.


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