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Solar panel is ultimate energy saving method

Installing solar PV offers an excellent opportunity to tap into nature's dependable power source.

With the latest technology, solar solutions efficiently harness ambient light, even on overcast days. Thanks to government and energy company grants, solar PV is now more affordable than ever, making it a practical choice for those who want sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. So, let's join hands in promoting sustainability and investing in a brighter future for our finances and the planet.

Benefits of Solar PV​

Energy Efficiency:
Significantly reduce energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills.
Minimise carbon footprint by using sustainable energy sources.
Comfort & Control:
Maintain consistent temperatures and enjoy advanced control features.
Increased Property Value:
Modern heating solutions can increase the resale value of properties.
Modern systems are designed to last longer and come with comprehensive warranties.

Solar PV

Bright Electricals recently completed a total rewire of our refeb, three-story, house, a big job that needed careful planning. We can thoroughly recommend Bright Electricals in every way.

I was pleasantly surprised at both how professional they were and at how competitively priced they are for the exceptional work they carried out.

We have used Bright Electricals numerous times now for all our electrical inspections on our commercial premises and have always found their electricians to be professional and knowledgeable.


Client Success Stories:
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1 Initial Consultation

By beginning with a comprehensive consultation, we make it our priority to understand your unique needs. And for those seeking government scheme applications, we take care of the entire process - from signing to validation - to ensure your eligibility is met with ease.

2 Energy Assessment

Before delving into specifics, we perform a retrofit assessment to evaluate your property’s current energy performance. This assessment is crucial to determine the current status of your property and identify areas where improvements can be made.

3 Technical Survey

Our installation team will conduct a site visit to gather precise measurements, identify complications or issues, and capture photographs for compliance.

4 Installation

Trust our team of expert electricians to install your electrical system with precision and care, while ensuring that your daily routine is minimally disrupted.

5 Quality Check 

After installation, we conduct thorough checks to ensure everything meets standards before handing it over.

6 Continuous


We don't just end our relationship after installation. We're here to assist with any questions, support, and handle maintenance needs.

Installation Process

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