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BEE Gereneral Electrical Works Price List

General Electrical works

(Fault Finding, Socket Replacement, Unknown Issues)

·         Call-out Charge: £85+vat initial charge, which covers the first hour, including travel time and costs.

·         Subsequent Hours: After the first hour, charges are applied at £50+vat per hour in 30-minute increments.

·         Materials: Additional charges for materials may apply depending on the work carried out.

·         Parking Charges: If applicable, parking fees will be added.

·         Quotation Validity: All quotations are valid for 30 days from the issue date.





1 Bedroom Flat



2 Bedroom Flat



2 Bedroom House



3 Bedroom House



4 Bedroom House



5 Bedroom House




House rewires



Consumer Unit

£350 - £750

Earth Bonding


Socket per point

£70 for single socket £80 for double socket

Standard light + pendant per point


Spotlight first point + per additional point

£65 + £40 per additional

Extractor Fan




External socket


Electric shower circuit


Cooker circuit


Spur (heating/fridge/freezer/washing machine)


Additional Circuit (Boiler)


Up/Down PIR light outside



The cost breakdown in the table above for a house rewire, provided as a cost per point, is intended as a general guide to help customers estimate the potential expenses involved. It is important to note that these figures are approximate and may not always reflect the actual costs. A detailed assessment by a professional electrician is essential for an accurate estimate.

Pat testing



First 10 appliances


Per additional appliance


Per three phase appliances



Fuse board change per circuit number

Number of Circuits (MCB’s + RCD’s)


6 - 8 Circuits

£350 - £450

9 - 12 Circuits

£450 - £600

13 - 16 Circuits

£650 - £980

Number of Circuits (Surge protected + RCBO’s)


6 - 8 Circuits

£490 - £620

9 - 12 Circuits

£635 - £830

13 - 16 Circuits

£895 - 1250

  • MCBs and Split RCDs: Basic, cost-effective protection for overcurrent and electrical shocks, but can be more disruptive during faults.

  • Surge Protection and RCBOs: Advanced, individualized protection against overcurrent, electrical shocks, and power surges, offering higher safety and convenience.


If you're experiencing any electrical issues, contact us to schedule a visit. Our professional electricians are here to ensure your home is safe and fully functional.

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Bright Electricals recently completed a total rewire of our refeb, three-story, house, a big job that needed careful planning. We can thoroughly recommend Bright Electricals in every way.

I was pleasantly surprised at both how professional they were and at how competitively priced they are for the exceptional work they carried out.

We have used Bright Electricals numerous times now for all our electrical inspections on our commercial premises and have always found their electricians to be professional and knowledgeable.


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