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10 Common Myths About Solar Panels! - Bright Electricals

Updated: Apr 29

myths about solar panel in Leicester, Midland

Myth1 Solar panels decrease property value: Contrary to this misconception, solar panel installations often increase property value. Studies have shown that homes equipped with solar panels tend to sell for higher prices and spend less time on the market compared to similar homes without solar systems. Additionally, solar panels enhance the appeal of a property to environmentally-conscious buyers and may contribute to overall market desirability.

Myth 2 Solar PVs don’t work on cloudy days: Despite common belief, solar panels can still generate significant electricity even on cloudy days. While more sunlight exposure does increase energy production, solar PV can still function effectively during overcast conditions.

Myth 3 You need planning permission:

For most residential properties, solar PV panels are considered "permitted development," meaning planning permission is usually unnecessary. However, exceptions apply for conservation areas or listed buildings, where permissions may be required.

Myth 4 Solar panels are space inefficient:

Contrary to outdated perceptions, advancements in solar panel efficiency have made them much more space-efficient. With higher Watt peak ratings and improved technology, fewer panels may be needed to meet energy demands.

Myth 5 Solar panels require regular cleaning: While cleanliness can impact efficiency, regular cleaning is often unnecessary, especially in regions with regular rainfall like the UK. Occasional wiping with water and a soft brush should suffice, avoiding soap products and high-pressure cleaners.

Myth 6 Solar PVs are not beneficial without funding:

Solar PV offers long-term financial benefits regardless of subsidies. They significantly reduce energy bills and can even generate additional income through excess electricity sales through SEG Scheme. Solar panels are a sound investment, decreasing installation costs and increasing potential resale value.

Myth 7 You generate more energy on hot summer days:

While sunny days offer more sunlight, excessive heat can decrease panel efficiency. Crisp, sunny days with moderate temperatures are optimal for energy generation. Solar panels continue to generate electricity regardless of season or weather conditions.

Myth 8 More solar panels lead to faster investment returns:

Installing more panels doesn't necessarily expedite investment returns. To maximise savings, it's crucial to calculate the number of panels needed to cover energy consumption without exceeding it. Excess energy sold back to the grid may not yield significant returns, impacting investment payback periods.

Myth 9 Solar PVs are unsuitable for all homes:

Solar panels can be adapted to suit different homes and energy needs, and various panel types and installation options are available. Technology advancements have made solar panels viable for many residential properties, offering clean and sustainable energy solutions.

Myth 10 Solar panels increase property taxes:

Unlike this belief, installing solar panels typically does not increase property taxes. In many jurisdictions, solar panel systems are exempt from property tax assessments or may even qualify for tax incentives or rebates, encouraging adoption without imposing additional financial burdens.

Are you looking to install solar PV in Leicester? By debunking these myths with Bright Electrical Engineering LTD, it becomes clearer that solar panels are effective, sustainable, and financially viable investments for residential and commercial properties.

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